Computer Science and Software Architecture Reference Links

This page is a collection of links to Wikipedia articles that explain key terms and concepts used in this blog.

Abstract machine

Architecture description language

Automated programming (generative programming)

Circuit diagram

Code generator (compiler)

Computer-aided engineering

Computer-aided software engineering (CASE)

Computer architecture

Computer model

Computer program

Conceptual model

Conceptual model (computer science)

Crossbar switch

Data transformation

Data model

Data visualization

Description language

Electronic design automation (EDA)


Executable program

Finite-state machine

Hardware description language

Hypercube interconnection networks (MIMD)

Integrated circuits

Interpretation (logic)

Generator (computer programming)

Graph theory

Logic synthesis

Mathematical model



Network theory

Program transformation


Semiconductor intellectual property core


Software architectural model

Standard cell

Structure (mathematical logic)

System analysis

System on a Chip (SoC)

Turing machine

Virtual machine

VLSI (electronics)


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