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SCDL Visualization and Editing Ideas

Soft Circuit Description Language (SCDL) draws its core concepts from digital circuit schematics and defines a schema for serializing the following entities to JSON format:

  • virtual software “cores” – small, re-usable Turing Machine models
  • virtual software “chips” – re-usable system specification assemblies comprising any number of “cores” and/or “chips” wired together.
  • virtual software “circuits” – an abstract blueprint for building a software program.

The HTML5 SCDL editor I’m working on leverages D3js for data visualization (and some interaction). I am hugely inspired by this library.

Some ideas:


Relational input & graph building:

SCDL model hierarchy navigation:

SCDL interconnection topology:

SCDL entity interaction:

SCDL core transition matrix:

Simulation and test results: