Welcome to the Encapsule Project

Started in 2001, the Encapsule Project was at one point a commercial undertaking of my start-up Encapsule Systems, Inc. My partners and I failed to get the company funded and pulled the plug in 2004 and we all went on to do other things.

Until now little information about this project has been published publicly. I am now starting to publish details in hopes of generating interest in this work.

I’ve created two pages on this blog to start this process:

Subsequent posts will discuss my future plans for this project. Briefly:

  • Release the entire 170K+ lines of C++ that comprise the prototype codebase as open source.
  • Update portions of the codebase to leverage newly standardized extensions to the STL (TR1).
  • Carefully review and update significant dependencies on the Boost C++ libraries.
  • Port the Windows platform-specific sections of the code to Linux (or possibly just leverage Qt).
  • Port the Windows platform-specific user interface to Qt.
  • Explore options for enabling plug-ins to be written in dynamic languages (e.g. Python).
  • Build a community comprised of core contributors, plug-in and model authors, and end users of the platform (this could be people who snap together applications/services using other people’s models, or other projects that wish to embed the core runtime controller).
  • Find corporate sponsorship for this effort?

Thanks, Chris

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  1. May 8th, 2012
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